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Thousands of injuries happen each year from workplace safety issues or other property-related flaws or oversights. Depending on the case, a property or business owner may be responsible for the accident, or he or she may not. For an owner or employee to be legally responsible for the injuries suffered on the property, at least one of the following must be true:  

  • The owner or employee must have caused the spill or worn spot that made the surface dangerous. 
  • The owner or employee must have known of the dangerous surface and then done nothing about it. 
  • The owner or employee should have known of the dangerous surface because a “reasonable” person who owns or maintains a property would have discovered and then removed or fixed it. 

In these types of cases, you do not necessarily have to prove that you were being careful. All you need to do is clearly describe what you were doing so that an insurance adjuster will understand that you were not being careless or negligent. Workplace Injury Tulsa

If a claim is made, the need for a Workplace Injury Tulsa lawyer becomes urgent. An internal investigation by the company and its lawyer will help determine if the employees claim is valid, and what steps are necessary for dealing with the issue. In situations where an occupational safety and health act citation has been issued, there is a possibility the citation can be resolved through an informal negotiation process with the agency. However, that is not always the case. If it is not, a strong defense will still benefit the company by keeping fines, sanctions, and publicity to a minimum. However, if you the employee is suing for a workplace safety issue, having a Workplace Injury Tulsa lawyer on your side will help combat the business’ lawyer. This lawyer will help your case by strengthening your side of the argument and not let the corporate big man rule over the little man, or in this case, you the individual employee. Even though a Workplace Injury Tulsa lawyer is used to represent the employer’s interest in a workplace safety dispute, that does not mean that the goals of the employer, its workers, and the government are at odds with each other. Workplace safety has come a long way since the OSH act was passed.

The most important benefit of working with a Workplace Injury Tulsa lawyer is their familiarity with safety regulations, that will help their client provide a work place in which employees can perform their duties without the risk of bodily harm, or help receive compensation for an injury that happened at a workplace due to poor upkeep of safety regulations and standards. John Truskett has over 13 years of experience in workplace injury cases and cares about his clients. So, contact him if you have any questions over his Workplace Injury Tulsa lawyer services.

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