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Why You Need Truskett Law Representing Your Case.

  • We work for you. We will dedicate ourselves to your personal injury case and give you the attention you deserve.
  • We are a team of personal injury lawyers that are available when you need us. We are reliable and dependable and are accessible to our clients.
  • We’re honest with you. Whether it’s good or bad, we tell you what you need to know.
  • We practice personal injury law exclusively, so we know our stuff. We have years of experience in personal injury, and you will benefit from it.
  • We care. At Truskett Law, you’re treated like a person, not a number.
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Motor Vehicle Wreck

Nearly 1.3 million people die in car crashes each year.  Have you been injured in a car wreck?  Our team of personal injury attorneys have over 13 years of experience practicing personal injury law.

Semi Truck Wreck

Over 500,000 trucking crashes occur every year in the U.S.  If you have been involved in a semi-truck crash, you need to act quickly and contact a personal injury attorney.

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Catastrophic/Surgical Injuries

Individuals with these injuries live with life-changing problems and tremendous medical costs.  If you have been injured due to the carelessness of a person or corporation, you have the right to hold them accountable.

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Property Damage

If your car is totaled in a wreck, you deserve fair compensation for property damages.  If you aren’t comfortable with the amount of money an insurance adjuster offers you, hire our team of personal injury lawyers to help you collect what you deserve.

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Wrongful Death

The CDC reports that nearly 33,700 deaths occur in motor vehicle crashes each year.  When a person dies or is killed due to the negligence or misconduct of another certain expenses may arise.

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Unintentional Falls

The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control states that unintentional falls are the #1 cause of nonfatal injury in the US, resulting in 9,256,761 injuries for Americans in 2011 alone.




We Can Help!

We’d like you to consider 3 reasons why Truskett Law is the Best Choice for your personal injury case.

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We Work For You

The Truskett Law team works for you. We are dedicated to providing our clients with fair and honest representation and aren’t afraid to litigate if that is what it takes to get the right result.

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Our Highest Priority

Our clients are our highest priority. We make ourselves available when you need us, strive to serve you to the best of our ability, and make sure you know your rights.


Our Cause: Safety

The safety of our community is paramount, and we are invested in improving it.  This is what drives us to succeed.

Injured in a Car Wreck?  Do you have catastrophic surgical injuries?
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