Tulsa Personal Injury Education

Educating Clients

Your personal injury case can be a difficult, confusing, and often frustrating ordeal to navigate. The American legal system is an adversarial one. Knowing your rights under the law is just one of many facets to starting your recovery. At Truskett Law, we can simplify the process, provide clarity for decisions, and give you peace of mind through personal injury education.

Your Options & Rights

For this very reason, we dedicate time to every new client. We evaluate your unique case and educate you on your rights to seek much needed legal and medical attention. We also take the time necessary to pursue damages, navigate financial constraints, and build a plan to seek recovery through all legal means necessary. We empower you with knowledge and help guide you through the entire process to ensure your full recovery.


We help new clients understand:


    1. Your rights to pursue immediate medical attention
    2. The process to seek full medical recovery in your case
    3. The process to recover property and other damages
    4. How to navigate financial constraints
    5. All means to seek maximum compensation for your injuries and damages
    6. What our team will be doing throughout your case
    7. What is needed from our team to ensure your maximum recovery
    8. The amount of time you can expect your case to take


We take personal injury education seriously.

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