Tulsa Property Damage

Property Damage

For most property damage cases, you will have to deal with an insurance company. Insurance adjusters need a lot of evidence, so be sure to take pictures and video of the scene.


If you aren’t comfortable with the amount of money an insurance adjuster offers you, hire an attorney to collect what you deserve.


When mishaps happen, and people are injured, or property is broken, insurance companies are familiar with precisely what the policy covers. They typically know accurately what they are legally bound to payout. Regrettably, insurance companies, from time to time, act dishonestly after claims are filed to minimalize or even entirely evade payouts. Insurance adjusters, and even insurance company attorneys, might not provide you the compensation you are allowed.


You may have experienced an incredibly tough time to get the compensation you deserve if you have filed a claim with an insurance company. When you want an insurance company to pay your expenditures and, in its place, experience opposition and denial, you may be going in the direction of an insurance dispute. At our Tulsa law firm, Truskett Law, we assist individuals, families, and companies in insurance disputes and have regularly recovered the rightfully their money.


Start discovering your legal options with our well-informed Tulsa insurance dispute attorneys. Call us today.

What is an Insurance Dispute?

Insurance businesses do not have the right to use forceful or threatening tactics to frighten you into dropping your claim or resolving a claim for less than it’s full worth. They don’t have the right to deny your claim dishonestly.


We are knowledgeable in representing customers, auto owners, business owners, and homeowners in insurance disagreements involving:



Our skilled trial lawyers have productively handled many insurance bad faith claims and can answer your inquiries. You don’t have to be examined under oath to speak to an attorney. Before releasing a claim, resolving a claim for less than it’s full worth, or agreeing to be deposed under oath by your insurer, contact our Tulsa law firm.

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