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Our Tulsa personal injury attorneys can help you recover compensation following a car wreck, work injury, wrongful death, or any other injuries.


The personal injury lawyers at Truskett Law are well-known, respected, and are trusted Tulsa attorneys. John Truskett has years of personal injury experience in the Tulsa metro area.


Serving victims of personal injury cases is our only focus here at Truskett Law Firm, and we are pleased with our track record. If you or someone you know has been hurt and would like us to assist with your claim, contact our law firm today for a consultation. Our experienced and kind staff will help you create a plan to walk through the challenging recovery process. It costs you nothing to employ us, as we work exclusively on a contingency (no-win, no-fee) basis. We only recover a fee when and if we place money in your hands!


When you contact us, please fill out our contact form, or call us direct, and our lawyers and paralegals will go into action for you. We are here to assess your case 24/7 for no cost or duty and are glad to describe your choices moving forward for no charge.


Truskett Law Firm recognizes that the events surrounding a personal injury lawyer’s need are usually unanticipated, stressful, and often disastrous. Whether it is a car wreck, defective product, slip and fall, birth injury, truck wreck, wrongful death, or something else, when you need a personal injury lawyer in Tulsa, rely on the skill of Truskett Law Firm.


Our Tulsa lawyers are prepared and willing to start working on your case today, regardless of the unlucky circumstance that brings you to us. Our whole legal team is focused on a single word: YOU. You are the most significant part of our law firm; you, your family, your anguish, your living, and your needs. We promise you the three R’s to ensure that you are taken care of:


    1. Respect – Our years of know-how have given our law firm massive consideration for those who come to us ready to fight for the justice they and their loved ones deserve. We have the highest esteem for any client that comes to us in their time of necessity and have done so since we opened our doors in 2012.
    2. Resources – The personal injury lawyers and legal team at Truskett Law Firm have years of verified practice in their respective fields and are the chief resource we can offer to you and your family. Be confident that we will use every one of our immense resources to fight for the justice you and your family deserve.
    3. Results – Let’s face it, you are here for results at the end of the day. Truskett Law Firm has made a name for itself by aggressively fighting for and obtaining enormous settlements for our clients. We work on a contingency basis as evidence of our commitment to attaining results. This means that we only get compensated if and when we recover compensation for you through a settlement mediation or trial verdict.


Our Tulsa personal injury attorneys enter into each case with a healthy amount of respect. We then employ every source available to accomplish the results you merit.


Truskett Law Firm has proven know-how in all kinds of personal injury cases, including car crashes, medical malpractice, birth injuries, 18-wheeler accidents, work accidents, wrongful deaths, and product liability—and it does not stop there. See our focus area page for a full rundown of cases we take on. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our law firm 24 hours a day (918) 392-5444.

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