Green Beer is Not a Green Light

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Green Beer is Not a Green Light

Saint Patrick’s Day is upon us. Parties and parades, bruhahas and binges are sure to abound. But do we really know what St. Patrick’s day is all about? Here’s a brief description of its history from

Saint Patrick’s Day History

St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of Irish pride and heritage. Saint Patrick was a British-born priest and former slave who is known for converting the Irish to Christianity and chasing the snakes out of the country.  He died on March 17, in the year 461 and was mostly forgotten. As time passed, stories grew around St. Patrick and centuries later he was honored with the title of Patron Saint of Ireland.

Over the years, big parties and the custom of drowning the shamrock at the end of the celebrations – a shamrock is placed in the bottom of a cup that is then filled with whiskey, cider or beer then drank with a toast – have become increasingly popular all over the world. Every year, on March 17th, this holiday is celebrated around the globe with shamrocks, leprechauns and lots of green.


Saint Patrick’s Day Facts & Quotes

  • St. Patrick used the three-leaf shamrock to explain the Trinity to non-Christians.  The leaves stood for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • Approximately 5.5 million pints of Irish Guinness stout are consumed on an average day. On St. Patrick’s Day, nearly 13 million are consumed.
  • Wearing the shamrock, a three-leaf clover is a Saint Patrick’s Day tradition. The official three-leaf clover is known scientifically as Trifolium dubium however clovers can also have more leaves. Four-leaf clovers are said to be lucky, however the odds of finding one are about 1 to 10,000.
  • The love of God and his fear grew in me more and more, as did the faith, and my soul was roused, so that, in a single day, I have said as many as a hundred prayers and in the night, nearly the same. – St. Patrick
  • Sláinte! – used when clinking glasses with friends at a bar (an equivalent of Cheers or Health!)


Green Beer is Not a Green Light

So, that gives us an idea of what St. Patrick’s Day is. St. Patrick’s Day is a time to have lots of fun! But it is not a time for poor judgment, risking your health or life, or putting others in danger. Green beer is not a green light for drunk driving!

All of us have said something like, “well, it’s a holiday,” or “well, it’s just this one time,” or “hey, it’s a special occasion” at some time in our lives. And that’s ok! That is if you’re talking about having an extra helping of mashed potatoes. Or if you’re talking about staying out a little (or a lot) later than usual! And it’s even ok if you’re talking about having that extra drink. But it’s not ok if you’re talking about drinking and driving!

Remember What’s Really Important

The things that matter most to us here in Oklahoma are things like hard work, faith, and family. We value knowing that we have earned what we have. We value honesty and integrity. And we value knowing that we’ve always done right by the people who mean the most to us. And we want to do right by our fellow citizens, too.

At Truskett Law, we want to make sure we do right by our clients, and that we hold others accountable to do right by them as well. That’s why one of our core values here at Truskett Law is safety. One of the ways to make sure we do right by everyone is by following safety rules while celebrating.

All of us need to be reminded what’s important from time to time. Yes, we all want to have a good time. But we all know that what’s most important is to make sure we can be around for a lot more good times to come! So bring on the green beer, cider, or whatever, if that’s how you celebrate! Just remember that our choices determine our lives. And they may affect the lives of others as well.

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