Can Driverless Cars Reduce Auto Deaths in the US?

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Can Driverless Cars Reduce Auto Deaths in the US?

Auto Deaths Increase

Auto accidents kill over 40,000 Americans a year, and the numbers have risen several years in the last decade. Even with all the electronic and design safety features, driving just keeps getting more dangerous. Are driverless cars the answer?

Driverless Cars?

Driverless cars have been talked about for a long time, but is it time for them to become a reality? Some say it’s way too early, with major concerns about safety. However, according to an NPR Article, GM says a car without a steering wheel or pedals may be street-ready as early as 2019.

Auto Safety In the US

The car company claims that the car will comply with all safety standards. However, will this massive technological advance actually make a difference? We can only hope that this will be a way to finally make driving safer. Perhaps we will have to see these vehicles on the roads to find out.

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