Summer Fun & Alcohol: Top 5 Reasons They Don’t Mix

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Summer Fun & Alcohol: Top 5 Reasons They Don’t Mix

Safe Summer Fun

When most of us think of summer fun, we think about what we’ll do…and what we’ll drink. Pools and beaches have bars, boats have coolers, and the heat makes us thirsty! But alcohol may not be the best companion for summer fun. Here are our top 5 reasons to limit your alcohol intake when enjoying the outdoors this summer.

1. Getting in Over Your Head

Too much alcohol is not good for swimmers. It impairs judgment and increases risktaking. That’s a dangerous combination around water. Especially in lakes, rivers, and oceans. Even experienced swimmers are a lot more likely to venture out farther and stay out longer than they should.

Since alcohol increases our tolerance to temperature, it can be difficult to tell when hypothermia begins to set in. A surfer is more likely to try to tackle a wave they just aren’t ready for. And too much alcohol impairs our coordination as well, making it that much riskier.

2. Losing Your Bearings

According to research, alcohol may be involved in up to 60 percent of boating fatalities, including falling overboard. A boat operator with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of more than 0.1 percent is 16 times more likely to be killed in a boating accident than a non-drinking operator. That’s four or five drinks for the average-sized adult male.

In addition, too much alcohol can increase fatigue, reaction time, balance, and judgment. These are all things essential for anyone on a boat, but especially for the pilot. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, intoxicated boaters are particularly ill-equipped to deal with problems if they arise. If you’re boating, pick a pilot who’ll agree not to drink.

3. Driving Off-Course

It’s never a good idea to drink and drive. No matter how many times we remind each other, it’s never too much. Let’s re-double our efforts this summer to eradicate drunk driving. Designate drivers, schedule Ubers or Lyfts, and hold each other accountable. Make this the safest summer ever by deciding to never drink and drive.

4. Drinking Yourself Dry

It’s hot out there! And let’s face it, in this kind of heat, it’s hard to keep up with our bodies’ need for water without alcohol. But when you’re drinking alcohol, you’re not only NOT getting water, you’re getting dehydrated. Alcohol actually causes fluid loss in the body. So if you’re going to drink, please double up on the water.

5. Compromising Your Health

If you’re the party planner, make sure you offer plenty of options. In addition to water, have lots of non-alcoholic drinks on hand. You’ll be surprised how many people will choose them.

And think about the snacks as well. Lots of the foods we eat with alcohol are not healthy. Fresh fruits and vegetables have a high concentration of water to help keep us hydrated. And when we do drink alcohol, lots of us try to cut down on high-calorie foods.

Finally, be aware of what’s in that drink. Some summer cocktails have more alcohol and sugar to give them that “summer flavor.” You may be cutting down on high-calorie foods only to sabotage yourself with hidden calories in your beverages.

Your Safety Law Firm

At Truskett Law, we value safety. We want you to have a fun and safe time the rest of this summer! So please exercise good judgment when you’re out enjoying yourself.

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