Defective Products

Defective Products


When you have been very hurt in an accident instigated by a faulty product, how do you find out who is accountable and hold the neglectful party liable for your wounds? When you have a vast amount of medical bills or are incapable of working following a faulty product accident, who can examine your accident and recuperate financial reimbursement?


At Truskett Law, the personal injury law firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we have recuperated a lot of money for victims of injuries, including victims of faulty products and hazardous drugs.


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You can Rely On Our Experienced Team


A main trial in defective product cases is verifying that a product was faulty due to defective or insecure design or manufacture. We work together with a wide range of specialists to efficiently collect and organize vital information. As an outcome, we have positively resolved many defective product cases.


Our team of Tulsa lawyers deals with a wide range of defective product cases, comprising:


  • Car and vehicle products, comprising airbags, tires, and rollover-related matters
  • Medications, pharmaceuticals and medical device injuries
  • Workplace machines and Industrial machines
  • Construction equipment and design problems
  • Farm equipment
  • Power tools and household products
  • Electrical systems


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Follow Justice With Assistance From Our Tulsa Law Firm


Industrialists and inventors are liable for every product they pass on to the marketplace, and they are responsible for injuries triggered by bad design, engineering defects, or unsuitable warnings. To get underway on your case immediately with no commitment of any kind, call our Tulsa product liability lawyers.


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