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When folksĀ engage in drunk, reckless or distracted driving, they violate the Tulsa safety rules. To minimize this danger and keep all drivers safer, it is important that everyone obeys the rules of the road and that consequences are in place for those who do not.

At Truskett Law, we are passionate about making Tulsa a safer place for its citizens and visitors, and we understand that this is only made possible when judges and juries enforce safety rules.

Tulsa Safety & Traffic Rule Tips

  • tulsa car accident lawyerPay attention to the road.
  • Avoid using your phone while driving.
  • Do not drink and drive.
  • Obey the speed limit.
  • Wear your seatbelt.
  • Do not drive tired.
  • Be extra careful in bad weather.
  • Keep a safe distance between you and other cars.
  • Maintain a safe vehicle.